What Our Curriculum and Instruction Provide

The core curriculum at Roberto Clemente Charter School includes: language arts; math; science; social studies; health and physical education; art, and theater; computers; ESL (English as a Second Language); and special education.

The school’s instruction provides:

  • small class size and individualized instruction
  • academic rigor – emphasis in standards- based learning, relevancy and relationships
  • proper assessments to verify progress
  • lively discussions and critical thinking
  • technology integration in core subject areas
  • active problem-finding and problem-solving
  • national best practices
  • character development and increased social skills
  • project-based learning
  • early college opportunities programs that are held before and after school, on Saturdays and in the summer

Courses We Offer

Middle School               High School

6th- Math & Science                       Algebra 2                 World History

6th- English & Social Studies     Trigonometry            Critical Analysis Literature I & II

7th & 8th                                     English I                   HS Algebra Rem

English Language Arts                     English II                  AP English

MS RtII level 2                              Geometry                 AP Statics

Common Core Math                        Algebra I                  Biology Keystone Rem

Word History & Civilizations              Biology                    Ecology 

United States History                      General Science            Media Productions

Physical Science                             Chemistry                    Literature Keystone Rem

Life Science                                  Enviromental Science       West Civil DE

Earth Science                                 United State History         American Gov.

Computer Science                          Geography                     Art

Art                                                 Computer Science            Asses Coordinator  

                                                     Spanish                         Latin American History

                                                     Health                          HS Consumer Math