Special Education

What Parents Can Do If They Think Their Child May Qualify for Special Education

Parents who think their child is eligible for special education may request, at any time, that the school conducts a multi-disciplinary evaluation. Some potential signs of a student having a qualifying disability including experiencing years of difficulties in reading, writing or solving math problems, difficulties focusing and concentrating on schoolwork, difficulties sitting still in the classroom, and difficulties controlling emotions (such as anxiety and depression) and/or behaviors. Requests for a multi-disciplinary evaluation must be made in writing to the school's Special Education Office. If a parent makes an oral request for a multi-disciplinary evaluation, the school provides the parent with a form for that purpose.

If the school denies the parents' request for an evaluation, the parents have the right to challenge the denial through an impartial hearing or through voluntary alternative dispute resolution such as mediation. Roberto Clemente's Systematic Screening and Referral Processes. RCCS identifies and refers for evaluation students who are thought to be eligible for special education services. These screening and referral processes include testing and evaluation, classroom performance, benchmark examinations, and if necessary referrals to the student assistance program. The school regularly assesses the current achievement and performance of the child, designs school-based interventions, and assesses the effectiveness of interventions. The screening of a student by a teacher or specialist to determine appropriate instructional strategies for curriculum implementation is not to be considered an evaluation for eligibility for special education and related services. If a concern can be addressed without special education services, or if the concern is the result of limited English proficiency or the lack of appropriate instruction, a recommendation may be made for interventions other than a multi-disciplinary team evaluation.

Parents have the right to request a multidisciplinary team evaluation at any time, regardless of the outcome of the screening process. Moreover, screening or pre-referral intervention activities may not serve as a bar to the right of a parent to request an evaluation, at any time, including prior to or during the conduct of screening or pre-referral intervention activities If parents need additional information regarding the purpose, time, and location of screening activities, they should communicate with Mr. Philibotte - Middle School Special Education Teacher (ext. 117) and/or Mrs. Christine Waite - High School Special Education Teachers (ext. 111).