Special Education (Child Find)


Whenever a student is referred for an evaluation, Roberto Clemente must obtain written consent from a parent before the evaluation can be conducted. Parental consent for an evaluation shall not be construed as consent for their child to receive special education and/or related services. Under IDEIA 2004, an evaluation involves the use of a variety of assessment tools and strategies to gather relevant functional, developmental, and academic information about the child, including information provided by the parent that may assist in determining whether the child is a child with a disability and assist in determining the content of the child's IEP. This process is conducted by a team which includes a teacher, other qualified professionals who work with the child, the parents and other members as required by law. The multi-disciplinary team evaluation process must be conducted in accordance with specific timelines and must include protection-in-evaluation procedures. Roberto Clemente Charter School does not use any single measure or assessment as a sole criterion for determining whether a child is a child with a disability and for determining an appropriate educational program for the child. Technically sound instruments are used to assess the relative contribution of cognitive and behavioral factors in addition to physical or developmental factors. The results of the multi-disciplinary evaluation are written in a report called an Evaluation Report (ER). This report makes recommendations about a student's eligibility for special education based on the presence of a disability and the need for specially designed instruction. If the student's Multi-Disciplinary Team determines that the student is eligible for special education and related services, then a detailed plan for supporting the student in his/her area(s) of need over the coming year is written. This plan is called an Individualized Education Plan or IEP and is written so that the child can be successful in school—and then later in life.